About me

I am trained as a pianist, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music as a soloist, and now teach at the Musicology Institute at the University of Copenhagen. I am married and have four children. I am the author of fourteen historical novel: six Viking novels, to medieval novels, a knight-trilogy and a Jesus-trilogy. Some of which have been bestsellers in Denmark.

My novels:

Arnulf - Borgen Publisher, 2005

Veulf - Borgen Publisher, 2006

Klosterbarnet - Lindhardt & Ringhof, 2006 (bestseller)

Ravnens år - Lindhardt & Ringhof, 2007 (bestseller)

De gyldne sporer - Borgen Publisher, 2008

Den højeste ære - Borgen Publisher, 2008

Det største kald - Borgen Publisher, 2009

Susannas bog, Vejen - Lindhardt & Ringhof, 2013

Susannas bog, Sandheden - Boedal Publisher, 2014

Susannas bog, Livet - Boedal Publisher, 2014

Arnulf - Bazar Publisher, 2015 

Jomsvikingen - Bazar Publisher, 2015

Odinsulven - Bazar Publisher, 2016

Ridder Hialmar - Bazar Publisher, 2016

Fenrisfærden - Bazar Publisher, 2017

Blodringen - Bazar Publisher, 2018

Kongestormen - Bazare Publisher, 2019

I have also written two plays and a book about how to play piano.